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Most insurance companies (Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United, Aetna, Humana, Medicare, Medicaid) require two (2) documents to file an insurance claim:

A. Insurance required form
B. Copy of our office Superbill

A. Most all insurance companies have their own required individual form for a patient that sees an “out of network provider.” This required form can often be accessed online at your insurance companies’ website. If you cannot find the form, we recommend you call your insurance company (the 800 or 888 number on the back of your insurance card).

B. Our office will provide the patient a Superbill that includes the total amount paid and all necessary information the insurance will need to provide patient reimbursement.

Patients sending in their own claim to insurance for reimbursement can sometimes cause hesitation because patients are accustomed to the doctor’s office doing this for them. Some patients are not sure how to file their claim or what forms are required. However, once a patient files their own claim they realize it is not difficult at all and can often be completed in ten (10) minutes or less.

Also, our staff is available Monday-Thursday during regular office hours if the patient has questions regarding completion of insurance forms. If you would like our staff to assist you in completing your first form, we are happy to do so.

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