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Clinical Consultation is a supportive and interactive relationship between a licensed health care provider and a practitioner who
specializes in psychiatric mental health.

• Do you find yourself wanting to ask a psychiatric expert a brief question about a patient?
• Do you often wish you had access to a psychiatric expert for mental health related questions (diagnosis, medications, etc.)?
• Do you often need assistance in mental health resources, however not certain what steps to take?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions you have come to the right place, we can help!

Who can Benefit from Clinical Consultation?

• Nurse Practitioners
• Licensed Clinical Social Workers
• School Psychologists
• Licensed Therapists, Counselors
• Pastoral Counselors
• Students- Nurse Practitioner and Psychology students
• Primary Care Physicians-All Physicians
• Lawyers

Types of Services-

• Case Discussion- Professional Consultation
• General Questions related to Mental Health (diagnosis, medications)
• General Business Questions related to Private Practice
• Medical Malpractice Consulting

Types of Consultations-

• One-Time Consultation
• PRN Consultations
• Regular Weekly/Monthly Consultations (Retainer- monthly flat fee available)

Scheduling a Consultation
Complete the Consultation Form -click the 'submit' button at the bottom.
Our office will send you a Financial Agreement with fee information, obtain payment and schedule your consultation.

Jill Adams is a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Primary Care Nurse Practitioner currently in private practice. Jill is a Purdue
University and Indiana University graduate with nine (9) years of advanced education as a Nurse Practitioner in both Primary Care
and Psychiatry. She has forty (40) years of health care experience as a clinician and nineteen (19) years as a practicing Nurse
Practitioner. Jill offers a wealth of knowledge and experience related to patient care.

Jill has owned and operated three (3) businesses and has extensive business/management skills. She is also a Veteran of the Armed
Forces and possesses valuable leadership skills. Jill is a highly skilled Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience in the diagnosis
and medication management in pediatrics, adolescent and adult mental health disorders such as ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Mood
Disorders and PTSD. Serving as Expert Witness and analyzing clinical cases for legal counsel, her wisdom, experience and knowledge
are invaluable in prudent decision-making. Jill is also a Published Author and known for her practice of Holistic Psychiatry. Her
unique education and experience in both Primary Care and Psychiatry is a great asset to clinicians and professionals with complex cases.

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